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Screen Editor


I edit both short and long-form documentaries and love collaborating with filmmakers to find the best way to present their stories. Cutting an early sales trailer is often a powerful way to clarify what a film is about and to generate distributor interest. I've done this for several long form documentaries which has been instrumental to gaining support and funding.

[DOCUMENTARY] Dean Semler's Road to Hollywood | SBS

Working with documentary filmmaker David Brill, I edited the story he shot of cinematographer, Dean Semler, as he recounts his successful career path to Hollywood before returning to Australia to visit his hometown. Here's an excerpt about the making of Mad Max 2.

[DOCUMENTARY] 100 Years of Australian Women and War | AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS

The Australian Red Cross has a wealth of powerful stories which I encouraged them to tell in documentary form. Here's one I edited about the significant contributions Australian Red Cross Women continue to make during war.


For Nat Geo Adventure and Pine Street Films, I worked with the filmmakers to deliver an entertaining motorcycle adventure across India. Here's a clip from a scene where the repair shop kid provides a surprising update. I intercut the engine re-build montage with Indian prayer ceremonies to show the connection the characters were building with their bikes and the country.

[DOCUMENTARY] A Place Like This | GPY&R

An excerpt from a film I edited for GPY&R about residents of a homeless shelter as told by businessman Roy Faamatala who became homeless after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I edited this sequence using footage I shot of Roy as he recounts his previous life of luxury.


For this documentary that screens daily at the Warragamba Dam visitors centre in the Blue Mountains, we told the extraordinary stories of the workers who built the dam. I augmented their best anecdotes by making use of freshly scanned historical 16mm news reels that hadn't been screened in over 50 years. Here's an excerpt from the film I edited.

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